• The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance for acquiring a dwelling unit by a widow of an air warrior/NC(E) who dies while in service. The scheme covers all cases of death both accidental and non accidental. The subsidy is provided for acquiring a dwelling unit with in India from AFNHB/AWHO/Civil Housing Agencies (including private builders) as well as for self construction.

Eligibility Conditions

  • The subsidy will be payable to the widows of the AF personnel killed in accident while in service subject to the provision that the widow would occupy and live in the dwelling unit.

  • The widow of the deceased Officer/ Airman/ NC(E) should not be already owning a dwelling unit.

  • Acquisition of the dwelling unit will be applicable in the schemes of AFNHB/ AWHO/ Civil housing agencies including private builders and for self construction.

  • If an Officer/ Airman/ NC(E) had already purchased a dwelling unit and full payment had not been made, the scheme will cover such cases also.

  • The house cannot be sold out or let out for 10 years after receipt of the subsidy amount and the widow will be required to give an undertaking to this effect in the prescribed forms.

  • Above mentioned conditions would also be binding upon legal heir(s) of the widow in case of her demise before 10 years of the possession of the dwelling unit.

  • In case where the spouse of the deceased AFGIS member is a member of AFGIS/AGIF/NGIF, then spouse is ineligible for the subsidy.

  •  The subsidy will also be extended to orphaned legitimate children and/ or to dependent parents of deceased members. In cases where the member who is unmarried or the spouse had pre-deceased the member on the date of casualty, subject to their meeting all other eligibility conditions. These cases will be put up to BoT for approval on the basis of merits of each case.

  • The widow must apply for subsidy within five years from the date of demise of her husband.

  • The widow should not have remarried as on the date of applying for this subsidy, else she would not be eligible to receive the subsidy.

  • In those cases where the deceased Officer/ Airman/ NCs(E) has availed House Building Loan (HBL) from AFGIS or any other scheduled bank/ any other housing finance agency and the HBL so availed was insured and as a consequence of such insurance the repayment of outstanding amount of HBL was exempted, then, in such circumstances, the payment of ibid subsidy is not admissible.
  • Wef 01 Apr 16, the subsidy is provided for acquiring a dwelling unit to widows of an air warrior/NCs(E), who dies while in service which covers all cases of death, both accidental and non accidental. The subsidy in respect of widows of the officers is Rs 6 Lakh and in respect of the widows of airmen & NCs(E) is Rs 4 Lakh.

  • All other rules and provisions to the scheme will remain unchanged.

Submission of Documents

  • In order to safeguard against misuse of the subsidy scheme, the sale deed would be executed and registered in the joint names of the widow and AFGIS and original documents will be kept in the safe custody of the AFGIS. If the dwelling unit is sold before the completion of 10 years, the widow will have to refund the subsidy amount with interest @15 %. If the dwelling unit is not occupied by the widow, it will be taken back by AFGIS and amount spent by the widow would be returned to her. The widow of the air warrior/NCs(E) would need to submit the following documents to AFGIS :

    • Notarised affidavit containing undertaking to utilize the subsidy for acquiring a dwelling unit.

    • Self-attested copy of sale deed/completion certificate of dwelling unit.

    • Self-attested photocopy of the property's insurance policy and that of its annual/biannual renewals for next five years.

    • Self-attested photograph of the property.

Subsidy Amount

    Category 01 Jan 96 - 30 Sep 08
    ( )
    01 Oct 08 - 31 Jul 13
    ( )
    Wef 01 Aug 13
    ( )
    Officers 1.5 Lakh 3 Lakh 6 Lakh
    Airmen/ NCs(E) 1 Lakh 2 Lakh 4 Lakh

Sharing of Subsidy

  • Accidental Death. The subsidy would be shared by AFGIS, IAFBA, AFWWA(C) and the Command Welfare Fund concerned in the ratio of 6:2:1:1.

  • Non-accidental Death. The subsidy would be shared by AFGIS, IAFBA and the Command Welfare Fund concerned in the ratio of 7:2:1.

  • (Note : In case of an Air Warrior of Air HQ, the IAFBA would contribute additionally to compensate for the share of Command Welfare Fund).