• All Air Warriors who are members of GIS-16 Scheme will automatically become members of GIS-20 Scheme. The Scheme will be compulsory (refer AFI 16/87) for all Air Warriors [Offrs/Airmen/NCs(E)] who are commissioned/enrolled in IAF on or after 01 Apr 20.

  • Flight Cadets drawn from civil life will become members of GIS - 20 Scheme from the date of their being taken on strength at the respective Training establishments. Likewise, in-service Airmen, who are selected to undergo training as Flt Cdts, will become members of revised GIS - 20 Scheme as applicable to Flt Cdts during training period. Monthly contribution in respect of such in-service Airmen Flt Cdts will be same as applicable to other Flt Cdts and the contribution will be recovered through their IRLA.

Insurance Cover and Monthly Contribution

  • The monthly contribution and amount of insurance cover for different categories is tabulated below :-

    Category of Members Death Cover
    Monthly Contribution ( )
    Risk Element Flying Extra Saving Element Total Subs
    (a) Flying branch officers#
        (i) Service upto 20 years 1 Crore 1280 2200 5120 8600
        (ii)Service above 20 years but upto 30 years 1 Crore 1280 520 5120 6900
    (b) Flying branch officers with more than 30 years of service & Ground duty branch officers 1 Crore 1280 Nil 5120 6400
    (c) Flight Cadet (including Airmen Flt Cdts)
        (i) Flying Branch 1 Crore 1280 2200 5120 8600
        (ii) Ground Duty Branch 1 Crore 1280 Nil 5120 6400
    (d) Airmen and AC(U/T)s 50 Lakh 640 Nil 2560 3200
    (e) NCs(E) 25 Lakh 320 Nil 1280 1600

Recovery of Contribution

  • Monthly contribution at the rates mentioned above will be recovered from the IRLA of Air Warriors commencing from the pay for the month of Mar 20.

Survival Benefit (SB)

  • Survival Benefit (SB) consists of two parts viz the 'Saving Element (SE)' portion of the monthly contribution and the interest that is credited / accrued on it (as per the rates notified by the Society) and bonus, if any, declared by the Society. The rate of interest on SB, which is notified once or more times during a financial year, is approved by the BoT of AFGIS. SB balance that has accumulated under the GIS-16 Scheme and earlier schemes will be retained to the credit of the Air Warrior by the Society till such time the same is payable to the members on account of his / her retirement/ release (on disability / other valid reasons) /superannuation or to the nominee(s) / legal heir (s) with the death claim. The accumulated balance of SB (excluding bonus) under the GIS-16 and earlier schemes will continue to earn interest as applicable to GIS - 20 Scheme.

Death Benefit

  • Death benefit includes the amount of the death cover and the accumulated balance of SB up to the date of death. The increased amount of death cover under GIS-20 Scheme will be payable in case of all death claims arising on or after 01 Apr 20.

Disability Benefit

  • The disability benefit is paid to compensate an Air Warrior for loss of his/her earnings consequent to truncation in service as a result of invalidment.

  • Only those Air Warriors who are invalidated out of IAF by an Invalidating Medical Board (IMB) [as distinct from a Release Medical Board (RMB)], whether attributable or non-attributable to service, will be eligible for disability benefit. The maximum amount of disability benefit will be 50% of the amount of death cover for 100% disability and the amount of disability benefit will reduce proportionately depending upon the percentage of disability, upto a minimum disability of 20%. In case of disability of less than 20%, the Air Warrior will not be eligible for any disability benefit. Disability benefit is payable in addition to accumulated balance of SB on invalidment from service. The increased amount of disability cover under GIS-20 Scheme will be payable in cases of disability claims arising on or after 01 Apr 20.

  • The disability cover payable by AFGIS is distinct from the disability pension that is payable out of Public Funds. AFGIS does not take cognisance of the actions taken by Govt agencies [CDA (Pension) / others] regarding allowing payment of disability pension from public funds or of revision / changes / broadbanding in the disability percentage. Once the disability benefit is admitted and paid by the AFGIS, it would be final and no further benefits shall be payable for any subsequent aggravation of disability. Disability benefit from AFGIS is not admissible in those cases where the Air Warrior with disability is retained in service based on assessment by Release Medical Board (RMB) till his / her discharge on completion of term of engagement / release / retirement / superannuation / dismissal or in case of release from service consequent to the Air Warrior's refusal to accept a change in Branch/ Trade .

  • Air Warriors who are invalidated out of IAF on the following grounds will not be entitled to any disability benefit, irrespective of percentage of their disability:-

    • Alcoholism

    • Drug addiction

    • Self inflicted injuries.

    • Disability as a result of attempted suicide.

    • Any disability arising out of intentional acts resulting in criminal conviction.

    • Invalidment within one year of enrolment or of joining AF due to disability, which is not attributable to service.

Survival Benefit (SB) and Withdrawals from SB

Re-instatement in Service

  • In the case of air warriors who are reinstated in service in pursuance of a court order, the Survival Benefit received by him/her at the time of his retirement/ discharge has to be refunded by the air warrior to AFGIS in one lump-sum. Arrears of contribution from the month of retirement/discharge/dismissal/removal to the month of reinstatement will be debited by AFCAO (after confirmation from AFGIS) in the IRLA simultaneously with the credit of pay and allowances for the said period. The Society will not pay interest on Survival Benefit for the intervening period from the date of initial payment of SB to the air warrior and upto the date of it's refund to AFGIS.

  • No subscription toward GIS scheme will be charged from notionally reinstated Air Warriors, who have not physically joined the office for a single day prior to their notional fresh retirement date.

  • AFGIS will have no liability to honour any insurance claim in case of death/ disability of such notionally reinstated Air Warrior.

  • However, in cases of reinstatement where an individual physically joins office, he would be liable to be charged subscription from the date of old retirement/ release alongwith lumpsum refund of survival benefit to avail GIS cover.


  • Vide Chapter 1, Section- B Para 41 of IAP 3601, the accepted nomination for DSOPF / AFPP Fund held at AFCAO will be treated as the valid nomination for payment of Death claim. Air Warriors can also nominate any person(s) other than beneficiaries nominated in DSOPF / AFPPF fund by executing AFGIS-223 upto 100% of death benefit. In cases, where the nomination has not been revised by the Air Warrior after his/her marriage, the first beneficiary of the amount of death claim and SB would be the spouse / children of the deceased subscriber and subsequently other family members.

  • All other Rules and Regulations governing GIS-16 Scheme stipulated in IAP 3601 will mutatis-mutandis apply to the GIS-20 Scheme. The GIS-20 Scheme is subject to modification/ termination as decided by the Board of Trustees of AFGIS and such decision will be binding on all Air Warriors.


Category of Members Death Cover
(In Lakhs)
Monthly Contribution ( )
Risk Element Flying Extra Saving Element Total Subs
(a) Flying branch officers
    (i) Service upto 20 years 75 Lakh 960 1970 3570 6500
    (ii)Service above 20 years but upto 30 years 75 Lakh 960 520 3570 5050
(b) Flying branch officers with more than 30 years of service & Ground duty branch officers 75 Lakh 960 Nil 3570 4530
(c) Flight Cadet (including Airmen Flt Cdts)
    (i) Flying Branch 75 Lakh 960 1970 3570 6500
    (ii) Ground Duty Branch 75 Lakh 960 Nil 3570 4530
(d) Airmen and AC(U/T)s 37.5 Lakh 460 Nil 1840 2300
(e) NCs(E) 18.75 Lakh 225 Nil 910 1135
Disability Cover.This is 50% of the death cover for 100% disability. For lesser % of disability the cover reduces proportionately upto minimum admissible disability of 20%.


No of Months Contribution ( ) Saving Element ( ) Insurance Cover ( )
Officers Airmen NC(E) Officers Airmen NC(E) Officers Airmen NC(E)
(01.11.75 - 31.10.78)
36 24 JWO & above 7.5
Sgt & below 5.0
NA 12 JWO & above 3.0
Sgt & below 2.0
NA 30000

JWO & above 15000
Sgt & below 10000

(01.11.78 - 31.03.82)
41 60 30 10 31 18.5 5.35 60000 30000 10000
66000 33000 11000
(01.04.82 - 31.12.87)
69 100 50 20 67.11 38.27 11.35 01.04.82
1.06 lakh 53000 21000
1.25 lakh 62500 25000
1.5 lakh 75000 30000
(01.01.88 - 30.04.97)
112 200 100 40 01.01.88 - 30.09.92 3 lakh 1.5 lakh 50000
120 75 22
01.10.92 - 30.04.97 3.3 lakh 1.65 lakh 55000
130 77.5 24
(01.05.97 - 31.10.05)
102 560 280 140 400 200 100 10 lakh 5 lakh 2.5 lakh
(01.11.05 - 31.12.08)
38 1365 700 250 1035 540 186 20 lakh 10 lakh 4 lakh
22 lakh 11 lakh 4.4 lakh
(01.01.09 - 31.12.10)
24 1885 960 370 1435 742 283 30 lakh 15 lakh 6 lakh
(01.01.11 - 30.06.16)
66 3250 1630 810 2550 1292 647 50 lakh 25 lakh 12.5 lakh
(01.07.16 - 31.03.20)
45 4530 2300 1135 3570 1840 910 75 lakh 37.5 lakh 18.75 lakh