Monthly Contribution and Insurance Cover

  • Details of the insurance cover and monthly rate of contribution for different categories is tabulated below:-

Sl No Category
(Aircrew Officers & Aircrew Airmen)
Monthly Contribution
( )
Amount of Insurance Cover
from 01 Oct 14 To 30 Sep 18 ( )
Amount of Insurance Cover
wef 01 Oct 18 ( )
Saving Element Risk Element Total Life Disability (100%) Life Disability (100%)
1. Fg Offr & Flt Lt 500 470 970 10,00,000  5,00,000 12,00,000  6,00,000
2. Sqn Ldr to Gp Capt 500 360 860 10,00,000   5,00,000 12,00,000   6,00,000
3. Air Cmde & above 500 240 740 10,00,000   5,00,000 12,00,000   6,00,000
4. Airmen Aircrew 270 230 500  5,00,000 2,50,000 6,00,000   3,00,000

Recovery of Contribution

  • The monthly contribution for the revised FPLI-14 will be recovered through IRLA from the pay of the month of all concerned aircrew officers and aircrew airmen.

Life Cover

  • The amount of life insurance cover under this Scheme will comprise the cover assured and the accumulated balance of Saving Element of contribution up to the month of death together with interest and bonus as applicable.

Disability Cover

  • The amount of disability insurance cover for 100% disability will be 50% of the amount of the life cover and will reduce proportionately up to a minimum of 20% disability admissible in case of invalidment out of service as approved by the DGMS(Air). Disability cover payable will be in addition to the accumulated balance of Saving Element, together with interest and bonus.

  • The accumulated balance of the Survival Benefit (SB) under the earlier FPLI-81 Scheme held with AFGIS in the credit of each member would continue to earn interest and bonus, if any, as approved by BoT. The accumulated balance of FPLI-81 and the Survival Benefit under FPLI-14 would be payable to the member or his/her nominee(s) at the time of retirement/superannuation or along with the insurance cover/disability cover, as may be the case. The concept of break-even point in FPLI-81 will not apply to FPLI-14.

  • The revised insurance cover (life /disability) shall apply to claims arising on or after 01 Oct 18.

  • All other terms and conditions which were applicable to FPLI-81 Scheme would remain same for FPLI-14 scheme.


  • Ex Gratia is paid to Aircrew Officers and Airmen declared permanently medically unfit for flying duties and retained in IAF, cease to draw flying allowance. Click for details