(Serving Personnel)


  • In the event of death occurring before the terminal date (i.e. while in service), the beneficiary will be paid as death benefit, the sum assured plus saving element of respective scheme for appropriate years of participation with interest. Sum assured against death benefit are as follows :-

    • Officers : 100 Lakh + 12 Lakh (for members covered under FPLI only)
    • Airmen :  50 Lakh + 6 Lakh (for members covered under FPLI only)
    • NCs(E) :  25 Lakh


  • The accepted nomination for DSOPF / AFPP Fund held at AFCAO will be treated as nomination for AFGIS for the purpose of payment of death claim whilst in service. "In the event of nomination not being revised after marriage, first beneficiary is the wife / children of the deceased subscriber and subsequently the other family members". A member can nominate any of their family members for death benefits. The term "family member" for the purpose of nomination is as under:-

Family members

  • In case of married member. The wife / husband, parents, children, minor brother(s), unmarried sister(s), deceased sons widow and children and where no parent of the member is alive, a paternal grandparent.

  • In case of unmarried members, widows and widowers not having children. May nominate any person(s). in the absence of any such nomination, the beneficiaries would be father and mother in that order.

Nomination by Exception

  • A member who desires to nominate any person other than beneficiaries nominated for DSOP/AFPP fund may do so by executing AFGIS-223. Such nominations must indicate the names and details of all the persons eligible to receive the benefit in specific percentages. The sum total of the percentage of benefit must total 100% percent. If this nomination (Form-223) has been executed prior to self marriage, then the same would become invalid on self marriage unless revised after the date of marriage. In the event of invalid Form 223, the death benefits will disbursed as per valid DSOPF/AFPPF nomination. In the event of invalid nominations, the first beneficiary is wife/children of the deceased member and subsequently the other family members.
  • AFGIS (Form)-223 . [In duplicate].

Note :

  • All dues outstanding against a member / beneficiary in the books of AFGIS / IAFBA would be recovered as a first charge.

  • Whenever there are more than one nominee, the specific percentage of share of the nominee should be mentioned against each.

  • In case where the beneficiary is minor, the death benefit payable will be invested in Indian Air Force Social Security Deposit (IAFSSD) Cumulative Scheme of AFGIS until the beneficiary becomes major or submission of Guardianship certificate from court of law.

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