• Every member who is invalidated out of service due to disability by an Invalidating Medical Board (IMB) (not Release Medical Board held at the time of retirement) on account of disability, whether attributable to service or not, is provided disability benefit at half the life cover for 100% disability and for lesser disability in the same proportion subject to a minimum disability of 20%.
  • NOTE : A disability detected in a Release Medical Board does not entitle the person to disability benefit since the scheme is structured on the philosophy of compensating an individual on whom Release/Discharge is enforced by the service itself by means of an Invalidating Medical Board. Here the stress is on discharge being enforced on the person. Here it may be noted that the disability pension granted by the pension authorities have no bearing on the grant of disability benefit by AFGIS. In case an individual is offered an alternative trade and refuses to accept it he would not be eligible for disability benefit. Disability benefit from AFGIS is not admissible in cases where the Air Warrior with disability is retained in service till his/ her discharge on completion of term of engagement/ release/ retirement/ superannuation. In view of the above the following are not eligible for disability benefit from AFGIS.

    • Personnel detected with disability in Release Medical Boards.
    • who refuse alternate employment (Remustering) on being detected with a disability.


  • Attributability of disability to service is no consideration for payment of disability benefit. The main criteria is the degree of disability recommended by the Invalidating Medical Board and invalidated out of service of a member, which must co-exist. However, the Society does not accept any liability for subsequent aggravation of disability.


  • Members invalidated out of service for the causes given below are not entitled to any disability benefit irrespective of the percentage of disability :-
  • Alcoholism.
  • Drug Addiction.
  • Self inflicted injuries.
  • Disability arising out of attempted suicide.
  • Any disability, arising out of intentional acts resulting in criminal conviction.
  • On refusal/ unwilling to accept/ remuster to other branch/ trade.
  • Invalidment within one year of enrolment or on joining AF due to disability which is not attributed to service.


  • The disability cover payable by AFGIS is distinct from the disability pension that is payable out of Public Funds. AFGIS does not take cognisance of the actions taken by the Govt agencies [CDA (pension)/ others] pertaining to allowing payment of disability pension from Public Funds or of revision/ changes in the disability percentage.

Disability Claim Forms :