Officers After completion of six months of service.
Airmen/NCs(E) After completion of two years of service

Quantum of Loan

  • Two Lakh

List of Items

  • Loan admissible for purchase of computer (desktop/ laptop) and necessary peripherals (monitor/ keyboard/ mouse/ speakers/ headphone/printer/multi functional device etc) and accessories (UPS, external HDD,OHP projector etc) and computer table.

Rate of Interest

  • 8.0% pa

Processing Fees

  • Nil. (Processing Fee has been waived wef 01 Oct 2017)

Loan Insurance

Repayment of loan

  • Maximum 96 instalments.

Pre-payment/Refund of loan

  • Re-fixation of EMIs/refund of loan is allowed not more than two times in a financial year.
  • Such refund in full must preferably be made before 20th of a particular month.
  • Details of such refund, of made by e-remittance, must be immediately communicated to AFGIS.

Discipline Cases

  • Not eligible if two or more (red ink) entries and five years have not lapsed from the last entry and/or disciplinary proceedings (SOE/GCM/DCM etc) are initiated/ in progress.

Documents For Personal Computer Loan

  • Performa invoice from the dealer.
  • Latest pay slip IN ORIGINAL (F - 1517 / F - 1523 )
  • All pages of Application Form Duly completed.
Note : All the legal papers in the application form are to be used as-it-is and not to be retyped or rephrased

Submission of Documents after availing Loan

  • Self-attested photocopy of the cash receipt (performa invoice/challan is not acceptable) issued by dealer indicating make, model, Sl No and other relevant information about the computer.

  • Within one month from the date of issue of cheque

Penal Rate Of Interest

  • Penal rate of interest is chargeable for non-submission of documents and non-compliance of stipulated policy & rules.

Application Forms