Officers After confirmation of commission.
Airmen/NCs(E) After completion of two years of service.

Quantum of Loan

Officers 15 Lakh Subject to repaying capacity
Airmen 10 Lakh
NCs(E) 5 Lakh

Home Instalations

  • Performa invoice from the dealer.
  • Modular Kitchen.
  • Solar Heating Energy System.
  • Inbuilt Wardrobes.
  • Rain Water Harvesting System.
  • False Ceiling (Wooden / Plaster of Paris etc).
  • Security and Safety Systems (like CCTV / Fire Alarm / Iron Grills).

Rate of Interest

  • 8.0% pa

Repayment of Loan

  • 120 EMIs (Max)

Processing Fees

  •  Nil.  (Processing Fee has been waived wef 01 Oct 2017)

Loan Insurance

  • HBL availed from AFGIS has to be mandatorily insured by payment of necessary contribution (premium) by the loanee.

Pre-payment/Refund of loan

  • Re-fixation of EMIs/refund of loan is allowed not more than two times in a financial year.
  • Lumpsum refund of outstanding loan in full or part is permissible. However, partial refund is permissible only once in a financial year. The minimum amount of partial refund is Rs 1,00,000/-, Rs 50,000/- and Rs 25,000/- for officers, airmen and NCs(E) respectively.
  • Such refund in full must preferably be made before 20th of a particular month.
  • Details of such refund, of made by e-remittance, must be immediately communicated to AFGIS.

Discipline Cases

  • Not eligible if two or more (red ink) entries and five years have not lapsed from the last entry and/or disciplinary proceedings (SOE/GCM/DCM etc) are initiated/ in progress.

Documents to be submitted for availing MHIL

The loanee is to submit the following documents alongwith the MHI loan application form to AFGIS:-

  • MHIL application form duly completed
  • Self attested printout of latest e-payslip
  • Proforma Invoice is also to be attached
  • Photocopy of registered Sale Deed of the flat or house/ Gift Deed/ Sale Deed of plot (alongwith two self attested photograph of house) wherein house has been completed after purchase of plot duly (owned by the application or jointly owned with his/her spouse) certified as true copies by the SAO/ Adjutant
  • Self attested printout of latest e-payslip

Documents to be submitted after availing MHIL

  • Utilisation Certificate.
  • Within two months from the date of issue of cheque/ date of payment.
Note : All the legal papers in the application form are to be used as-it-is and not to be retyped or rephrased

Penal Rate Of Interest

  • Penal rate of interest is chargeable for non-submission of documents and non-compliance of stipulated policy & rules.


  • *In case the documents mentioned above is showing as plot necessary proof regarding existence of house like completion certificate, Occupancy certificate along with photograph of the house on the stated property is to be forwarded along with property documents mentioned.

  • In case a member intend to avail a MHI loan and the property documents are with the society due to running House building loan, member is required to submit only a copy of electricity bill, or house tax receipt (with property/address of the house) or any other paper issued by village/Municipal authorities with proper address mentioned.

Application Forms