Sl No Forms/ Documents Points to be Checked
 1. Form No 1
(Application Form)
  • Date of retirement as per substantive rank/present engagement is to be written clearly.
  • Amount and date for release of instalment to be mentioned in appropriate column.
  • Ensure signature of the loanee are appended on page 19
  • Please mention the number of instalments for EMI to repay back the loan.
  • Ensure signatures of Adjutant are obtained and countersignature by CO.
  • Ensure annotation of adverse entries with date duly signed by Adjutant
 2. Form No 2
  • Leave encashment certificate to be filled signed by unit Adjutant

  • Certificate of loan availed to be filled and countersigned.
 3. Form No 3
(Agreement Form)
  • Loanee has to sign on each page of both printed form and stamp paper
  • Name and particulars of witness is to be clearly written and signed
4. Form No 4
  • Recommendation of CO of the present unit with office seal and signature.
 5. Form No 5
  • Signature with particulars of all nominees (as per AF PPF/DSOPF or AFGIS-223) and signatures of witnesses with full service particulars
  • Form should be notarised with seal of notary affixed on it.
  • Stamp paper of 10 duly notarised and signed by nominee should be enclosed with form (adhesive stamps are not acceptable).
  • Text of form should not be re-typed on Non Judicial stamp paper. The form available in the booklet is to be submitted.
 6. Form No 6
(Undertaking by borrower)
  • The form should be signed by loanee and witnesses signature to be appended with full service particulars and address
 7. Form No 7 
  • Applicant should ensure that form is signed by borrower on revenue stamp and signature of witnesses to be appended with full service particulars and address.
 8. Form No 8
(Letter of Authorisation to AOC,AFCAO/AOC, Unit)
  • Should be signed by all nominees as per DSOP/AFPP Fund and countersigned by CO. (Form is required in duplicate)
  • Ensure witnesses signature to be appended with full service particulars and address
 9. Form No 9
(Tripartite Agreement)
  • TPA (with stamp paper) is to be signed by Board/Builder with rubber stamp and round seal in two copies to be submitted.
 10. Form No 10
  • Please ensure that estimate is duly completed and signed by applicant.
 11. Form No 11
(Agreement of sale)
  • Please ensure the form, schedule of property and the stamp paper is signed by seller and borrower with complete property details like plot no, khata/khasra no, village, district, state etc. Also ensure witnesses signature with full address and particulars
 12 Form No 12
(Contingent Bill)
  • Complete bank details like account number bank name and branch has to be mentioned in the contingent bill.
 13. Sale Deed
  • Should be in favour of the applicant (AFGIS member) only or jointly held with spouse
  • It should mention complete property details like plot no, khata/khasra no, village, district, state etc.
  • Land has to be residential in nature
  • For self construction the land should be vacant, If any construction exists, demolition certificate is required
  • Sale deed should have signature of seller and purchaser on all pages and should be signed by sub registrar with rubber stamp and office seal affixed on it.
  • Translated copy in English/Hindi attested by a gazetted officer should be submitted in case the deed is in language other than English or Hindi
  • Any amendment in sale deed/conveyance deed should be authenticated by sub-registrar with his signature and seal.
 14. Site Plan
  • Approved building plan for construction in original with property details and owners name duly approved by local government official of Gram Panchayat/Muncipal Corporation / Town Planning office/Development Authorities.
  • The plan should have details of property, owners name and date of approval
  • Plan should not be for commercial use/shops
  • In case the seal /approval is in regional language, the translated of same in English/Hindi duly attested by a gazetted officer should be submitted
 15. Non Encumbrance Certificate
  • Latest NEC with search period not more than 2 months old or search report from advocate along with original fee receipt is to be submitted.
  • NEC should be signed by sub registrar with office seal affixed on it.
  • NEC should clearly mention, owners name and property details like plot no, Khata No/Khasra No, village, district, state etc.
 16. Flat Buyers Agreement
  • Agreement should mention basic cost of the flat and advance paid by the applicant
  • Flat no and complete address of the property should be mentioned in the agreement
 17. Valuation report
  • Valuation should be from Government Approved evaluator. Valuation should clearly mention year of construction, type of construction, complete address of property being valued and valuation amount.
 18. NEC/NOC
  • Should mention Flat no with details of project and should be issued on builders letter head only.
 19. Permission to build
  • Date of approval and validity of permission should be mentioned
  • Copy of permission to build from competent authority (state/central govt) to the builder to built the house / flat
  • Development agreement between the builder and land owner (if the builder and the land owner are different)
 20. Trade Enlistment Certificate
  • The certificate is issued by Municipal Corporation/other competent civil authority
  • If the validity of permission is over then renewed trade enlistment should be submitted
 21. Layout Plan of colony
  • Should be approved by local development authority or SDM
 22. BDO
(Classification of plot)
  • Rubber stamp and office seal of BDO(Block development Officer) should be affixed
  • Classification of plot as residential should be clearly stated in the certificate